real love

“My first encounter was somewhat exhausting as there were papers to be filled out and questions to be answered. However, they were making sure you are paired with somebody that has similar likes and dislike. It was reassuring to know they do a good review of criminal and marital history too.

I got a call after a day from my second date. He wants to see me tomorrow . So we met at a restaurant for lunch. It was a very pleasant afternoon and informative. He was eager to meet for dinner and dancing the next time. It went well. I invited him for lunch next and he noticed my AC was not working well . The next day he brought his grandson who works for his son who owns an air conditioning business in Vero Beach. It was July 4 weekend and he did not want me to suffer the heat the long weekend.

I felt he really cared for me even if I don’t like to go in his boat which he is proud off. He wants me to meet everybody in his family. I kid him about the answer he has in his profile about marriage (no) and he said he changed it the day after meeting me.

We are very happy we found each other and taking it slowly for now.

Thank you Lisa and Erica for your patience , I know I was a reluctant buyer of your product but couldn’t be happier!”

Mila C. (Melbourne)

“Dear Lisa,

You came thru with matching me with Mila. We bonded together really quickly especially when we went to church together. I feel Real Love is a very professional organization in the way you operate. I tell a lot of my friends about Real Love. At this point, I’m very satisfied with the way you do things and am looking towards marrying her. Thanks again for what you’ve done for me!”

Don D. (Vero Beach)

“Hi Lisa and Erica,

Here it is and thank you for being there for singles looking for real love! Hope all is going well with you both.
Have a great week!

I first was hesitant of trying a local dating service as the internet dating sites were not working for me but out of frustration and lack of time to manage their sites, I decided to try Real Love. It was comforting for me as a single woman to see the process of checks and balances that your company has in place to ensure safety, suitability and selection. The process was short as the first date ended up being the right fit for me and my date. I did go out with another gentleman and spoke with another on the phone to realize that I wanted to stay with choice number one. He and I have been together ever since, going through real life with real love realized. We will soon celebrate our first year anniversary and look forward to many more. Thanks Real Love and may you continue to help others find their real love.”

Holli (Melbourne)

“Thanks for checking. I’ve entered into what I consider is a fairly serious relationship with one, and have let the others know that. We are doing great and I can’t thank you enough!

Dave (Cocoa Beach)

“Good morning Real Love, thank you for all the contact. I am very excited about everything! I feel really good and confident that I have made the right choice. I am looking forward to meeting some nice men that I know are not married and looking for a committed relationship. Thank you all for the work you are putting into helping my find a forever man. The two gentlemen I have met so far have been wonderful…truly a breath of fresh air after my terrible experiences online.Have a wonderful day!

Lisa (Sebastian)

“I am presently “on hold” evaluating my most recent match.

I have decided that this is “The One” and thus will have no further need of Real Love’s services.

I hereby relinquish any claims I may have to the additional four (4) matches which are part of our agreement.

Thank you for your service. I have been very impressed and will certainly be recommending your service.”

Gary H.

“Yes, we are doing very well. Scott and I went ring shopping yesterday! He had already transferred jobs and moved to Melbourne to be closer to me.

We certainly NEVER would have met if it were not for Real Love.

Thank you!”

Lynette G.

“I will admit, they found me the Perfect match! Perfect for me that is. Now it didn’t happen right away, i had a few unsuccessful dates but i didn’t give up and they kept refining their search. Feed back is Very important! But when we talked on the phone for the first time, it was fate! We talked for hours every night for a week before we actually met. I was hooked even before i knew what she looked like! Our personalities were such a great fit! Now she lived an hour away from me but i just had to meet her! I have since moved and we are now engaged. There’s no way our paths would have crossed if you guys had not introduced us. I can’t thank you enough! I’m in love and it’s wonderful! Thank you again,

Scott T.

“Took Lynne to Vegas and married her. I can’t thank you enough! I never expected to find this type of love and happiness in my late 40s but you did it. Lynne was the first and only girl I met and we are living happily ever after!


Tom (Palm Bay)

Just wanted you to know. WE ARE IN LOVE!!!!! It’s the happiest we’ve been in years. Drop a note to Michael’s email, he’d be happy to hear from you.
All the best to you, and many thanks,

Ruth (Vero Beach)

“Hello Erica,

We just moved Scott from Titusville to Melbourne last weekend so he is now only 5 minutes away from me. Unfortunately, his job transfer is not going smoothly so he is still commuting but should start his new job in town March 1. Things are going wonderfully. I have never been treated better in my life.

Thank you!”

Lynette G.