1. Don’t Expect Too Much

Real Love Advisors reviews the first step to successful dating is understanding perfection is impossible. Nothing, and nobody, is perfect. Even if a perfect person did exist they would be looking for another perfect person. You shouldn’t expect more from someone else than you would expect from yourself. A relationship is not the answer to the problems life throws at you and is not the key to fulfilling your hopes and dreams. A realistic relationship won’t be perfect; there will be ups and downs. In the end though a relationship will leave you happier than you were without your partner, even if you have the occasional hard time or disagreement.

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2. Understand What Is Happening

Another part of dating is being aware of what the person sat across from you is thinking and feeling. Real Love Advisors believes it’s important to be aware of what you are thinking and feeling too. Ask yourself questions; how is the date going? How are things progressing? Do you make each other happy? Are the both of you having a good time?

3. Evaluate and Re-evaluate

Pay attention to your date and the reactions that you have to it. Things change over time. You’ll notice those things that you originally loved about your partner annoy you now, and vice versa. Real Love Advisors and recommend that you take a step back and take another look at your relationship every so often to make sure it’s headed in the right direction.

4. Don’t Run From Fear

Fear is one of the biggest relationship killers. Always face it head on. Deal with the secrets of your past and move on from it. Real Love Advisors understands that relationships can be fraught with fear; fear of abandonment and even a fear of physical intimacy due to a poor body image. Don’t allow those kinds of fears to control you and your relationships. Work with your partner to move past them and build greater intimacy.

5. Be Specific

Usually when people talk about someone of the opposite sex they can either gush over them, or be judgmental about them. It’s not healthy, whichever one you tend to be. Real Love Advisors knows that you need to be specific about the really important things; who you are, how you feel, and where you want your relationship to be. Being specific is also a real help when trying to solve a problem.

6. Be Proactive

Real Love Advisors Melbourne FL knows you should never sit quietly and wait for something to happen. Being proactive is about taking action. If you want to talk to them then pick up the phone and call. Make the moves and set up dates yourself. Live your life instead of letting someone else make the decisions for you.

7. Real Love Advisors Reviews How To Be Responsible

Real Love Advisors knows how important it is for you to accept that people make mistakes. Sometimes people make mistakes because they aren’t thinking properly, and sometimes it’s because we genuinely make a mistake. When you do make a mistake you need to own up to it. Be responsible, apologize, and move past the mistakes.

8. Write Down Everything

Keeping a log is a great way to keep track of your relationship. This includes the way you think and feel, and the way your partner is acting and reacting. You don’t need to keep a full journal or anything; Real Love Advisors believes just a small handwritten note about the way you’re thinking and feeling will do.

9. Don’t Forget To Have Fun! Be Creative!

Your relationship is unique to you. There’s no relationship that’s the same as yours and there won’t ever be. It’s up to you and your partner to design and shape your relationship in a way that you see fit. Be brave and share the real you. Relationships are supposed to be fun and exciting. Keep your relationship fun and live in the moment.

10. Never Settle For Second Best

It’s true that relationships, like the rest of life, comes with a lot of compromises. We know that you aren’t always going to be right after all. However it’s important you understand the difference between compromising and settling. You should compromise when something isn’t important. You shouldn’t settle when something is really important. Have the courage to go for what you want and not settle for anything less.

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